My Favourite Animals
«The Dog»

Words for the text:

  1. master — хозяин
  2. voice — голос
  3. looks — внешность
  4. guard — охранять
  5. train — тренировать
  6. hunt — охотиться
  7. belong to — принадлежать
  8. tame — приручать
  9. useful — полезный
  10. kinds of dogs — породы соба

The dog is clever. It is the only pet who knows its master and the friends of his family. It knows the master by his voice and even by his looks.

The dog is a good companion and true friend. It will guard your life. It will work for you if you train him. It will hunt for you. It will play with you.

All dogs were wild once. They belonged to the same family as the wolf and the fox. But people tamed them, and now dogs are useful to man.

There are many kinds of dogs and you can read about some of them.

Answer the questions to the text:

  1. Why do people think that the dog is clever?
  2. What can a dog do for a man?
  3. What family does the dog belong?
  4. What kinds of dogs do you know?

Words for the text:

  1. everywhere — везде
  2. desert — пустыня
  3. nectar — нектар
  4. hive — улей
  5. sting — жалить
  6. brightly coloured — ярко окрашенный
  7. harmful — вредный
  8. wide — широкий
  9. study — изучать
  10. entomologist — энтомолог
There are more insects on the earth than all other kinds of animals. Insects live everywhere – in the garden, in the pond, in the forests, and even in deserts. Some insects live in the oceans or in very cold places, such as Antarctica.

Let us go to the garden. In the daytime you can see bees, bumblebees, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, wasps and some others. In the nighttime there come mosquitoes, some beetles and night butterflies. Insects are always busy. They try to find food – plants, other insects or nectar from flowers.

Bees collect nectar to take back to their hive for food. They visit more than two thousand flowers each day. Bees make honey and they can sting.

Butterflies are beautiful, brightly coloured insects. Some butterflies live for a year, others live only for a week. Butterflies don't usually fly at night.

Ladybirds are a type of beetle. Their bright colours tell other animals that they don't taste very good. Ladybirds are useful because they eat harmful insects.

Dragonflies are very big. Their wings can be 19 cm wide. They are the fastest insects and they can fly up to 97 km an hour.

People who study insects are called entomologists.

Answer the questions to the text:

  1. Where do insects live?
  2. What do they look like?
  3. What do they eat?
  4. How long do they live?
  5. Do you know any interesting facts about some insect?
  6. What do bees make?
  7. Which insect bites people?
  8. Which is the fastest insect in the world?

«Wild animals»
I like animals. I can see wild animals at the Zoo. It is interesting to watch monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, foxes, bears and other animals.
I like films about animals. I have read a lot of books about bears because I like bears most of all.
Bears are huge. They can be white and brown. The white bear eats fish. It lives in the Arctic. The brown bear lives in the woods. It likes honey and sleeps in the lair (берлоге) sucking its paw in winter.

Answer the questions, using the words: the mountains, the river, the desert, the Arctic, the jungle, the ocean, keep as a pet.

  1. Where do lions live?
  2. Where do whales live?
  3. Where do wolves live?
  4. Where do crocodiles live?
  5. Where do snakes live ?
  6. Where do the polar bear live?
  7. Say what pets your friends and relatives have.
  8. What is your favourite animal?
  9. Can you decribe an animal?
  10. Do you think it is good to keep animals in the zoo? Why? Why not?
Complete the text with the words:
dangerous, friendly, sharp, huge (large), delicious, fast, body, skin, legs.

  1. The shark is a sea animal. It is very ________. It can kill other sea animals and people with its _______ teeth. It's got a ______, long body and rough _____. Half of its _____ is white and half is black.
  2. The dolpin is a sea animal, too. It is very _______ and it loves to swim in front of _____boats. It's got a long, thin body and smooth _____. It's got over one hundred teeth.
  3. The crab has got a shell on its body and ten _____legs. They have got two ______ claws for fighting. They are a very _______ meal for octopuses, fish, seals and people.

Перепишите текст, заменив выделенные слова, используя прилагательные ниже:
The crab

Crabs have got a shell on their bodies and ten big legs. They have got two big claws for fighting. They are a very good meal for octopuses, fish, seals and people.

Whales are big sea animals. They aren't bad animals and usually they're very nice to people.

Запомните слова и выражения:
    1. keep — держать (дома)
    2. feed — кормить
    3. brush — причесывать
    4. clean (after) — убирать (за)
    5. take care of — заботиться
    6. take … out twice a day — выводить гулять 2 раза в день
    7. run around — бегать по
    I have a hamster as a pet. — У меня есть домашнее животное, хомяк.
    I keep a hamster as a pet. — Я держу дома хомяка.

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