Food and Vitamins
People need vitamins to stay healthy. The word «vitamins» comes from the word «vita». «Vita» means life in Latin. People get vitamins from food they eat. There are a lot of vitamins in fruit and vegetables. Each vitamin is responsible for diffeent things in human body. For example, vitamin A is necessary for eyes. Vitamin B is necessary for the nervous system. Vitamin C is important for bones and teeth.

To stay healthy you should eat healthy food. But unhealthy food is tasty because it has a lot of sugar or fat. Also it has no vitamins. For example, there is no vitamins in Coke, chips or fast food.

Read and learn
  1. I am hungry. — Я хочу есть.
  2. I am thirsty. — Я хочу пить.
  3. What's for supper? — Что на ужин?
  4. Can (could) you pass me the salt? — Передайте соль, пожалуйста.
  5. Can (could) I have some…? — Можно мне взять?
  6. I'd like … — Я бы хотел(а)…
  7. I'd love to. — С удовольствием!
  8. What would you like? — Что бы вы хотели?
  9. Help yourself. — Угощайтесь.
  10. Help yourself to sweets. — Угощайтесь конфетами.
  11. With pleasure. / I'd love to. — С удовольствием.
  12. Some more coffee? — Еще кофе?
  13. No tea for me, thank you. — Мне не надо чая, спасибо.
  14. Here it is. — Вот, возьмите.
  15. Here you are. — Вот, возьмите.
  16. How much is it? — Сколько это стоит?
Read and translate the dialogue.
The boy: What are we having for dinner today, Mother?

Mother: Fish with potatoes and vegetables.

The boy: Fish again? Why can't we have meat?

Mother: We've had meat the last three days. And you had sausage for breakfast this morning. Too much meat isn't good for you.

The boy: What about too much fish?

Mother: I know fresh fish is always good for your health. Besides, I'm not going to change the menu now; dinner is almost ready!

Answer the questions to the text:

  1. What are they having for dinner?
  2. Why doesn't the child want to eat fish?
  3. What does the child want to have for dinner?
  4. Why doesn't mother think so?

«Wild animals»
I like animals. I can see wild animals at the Zoo. It is interesting to watch monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, foxes, bears and other animals.
I like films about animals. I have read a lot of books about bears because I like bears most of all.
Bears are huge. They can be white and brown. The white bear eats fish. It lives in the Arctic. The brown bear lives in the woods. It likes honey and sleeps in the lair (берлоге) sucking its paw in winter.

Answer the questions, using the words: the mountains, the river, the desert, the Arctic, the jungle, the ocean, keep as a pet.

  1. Where do lions live?
  2. Where do whales live?
  3. Where do wolves live?
  4. Where do crocodiles live?
  5. Where do snakes live ?
  6. Where do the polar bear live?
  7. Say what pets your friends and relatives have.
  8. What is your favourite animal?
  9. Can you decribe an animal?
  10. Do you think it is good to keep animals in the zoo? Why? Why not?
Слова для изучения:

  1. weigh (v) — весить (weight — вес)
  2. lose weight — худеть (дословно: терять вес)
  3. start a diet — сесть на диету
  4. taste terrible — иметь ужасный вкус
  5. exercise (v) — делать упражнения
  6. give up — сдаться (потерять надежду)
  7. be frustrated — быть сильно разочарованным
  8. be thrilled — быть очень счастливым
  9. begin to date — начать встречаться
  10. make a difference — изменить
Прослушайте аудио ниже и постарайтесь услышать 10 слов из списка.
High Quality
We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers. Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience. We love what we do.
Good Support
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night. Also, you can visit our office for a personal consultation.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to succeed in tasks of any level.
Answer the questions to the audio on the topic:

  1. How much does the man weigh?
  2. Was he happy?
  3. Why is he unhappy?
  4. Does he want to lose weight?
  5. Why does he want to lose weight?
  6. Does he start a diet?
  7. What does he eat?
  8. Does he like grass?
  9. Why doesn't he like it?
  10. How much weight does he lose?
  11. Is he frustrated?
  12. Why is he frustrated?
  13. What does he decide?
  14. Does it help?
  15. Is he tired after a 12-mile walk?
  16. What does he decide?
  17. Where does he go?
  18. What for does he go to the restaurant?
  19. Who does he meet?
  20. Does he like her?
  21. Does she like him?
  22. Do they begin to date?
  23. What does the girl do for the fat man every day?
  24. Does it help?
  25. How much does the man weigh now?
  26. Is he thin?
  27. Is he happy?
  28. Is his girlfriend happy?
Запомните слова и выражения:
    1. keep — держать (дома)
    2. feed — кормить
    3. brush — причесывать
    4. clean (after) — убирать (за)
    5. take care of — заботиться
    6. take … out twice a day — выводить гулять 2 раза в день
    7. run around — бегать по
    I have a hamster as a pet. — У меня есть домашнее животное, хомяк.
    I keep a hamster as a pet. — Я держу дома хомяка.

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